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“By working with proficient and internationally recognized companies,
we strive to create a reliable and sustainable eco-system.”


NANObiz is the exclusive distributor of HOTZONE SOLUTION GROUP in Turkey. HOTZONE SOLUTIONS is one of the best known company in the field of real agent traing & tests, together with turnkey solutions in CBRNe related fields.

L.C.Q. s.l.

NANObiz is the only local distributor of L.C.Q in Turkey.L.C.Q Company is a Spain originated firm and has been carrying on business in optoelectronics and radiation since 1998. L.C.Q. is the distributor of Ocean Optics which is operated on optoelectronics and L.C.Q. sells FT-IR, Raman systems. L.C.Q. is also interested in R&D activities, develops and produces radiation monitors. In this segment, the company has RadAlTM-1 product, it is a wall-mounted radiation monitor and alarm, it was specially designed to identify radioactive materials which are lost or stolen with the aim of crime. By this means it helps the protection from the risks which are born due to the illegal trafficking of radioactive sources and their findings in the surroundings widespread.

The device finds the harmful radiation by using giant Geiger counter that are from 1 to 4. Alarm steps in when the radiation level is higher than the local ground, statistically. Every Geiger counter in RadAlTM-1 has 80 times bigger volume than a typical hand detector, this provides rapid reaction (≤ 6 seconds) and high sensitivity (alarm threshold, depend on ground and typically 20 nGy/h).

Application Areas:

  • Borders and area control centers
  • Airports, stations, harbors, bus terminals
  • Public, corporate and military buildings
  • Banks
  • Post offices
  • Hospital (radiotherapy units) and universities
  • Smelters and waste dumpsites
  • Warehouses and storehouses
  • Waste incineration facility and waste treatment centers
  • Food production facilities and water tanks
  • Meteorology stations
  • Radioactive protection in the areas that are under the risk of terrorism

SEC Technologies

SEC-TEC is a Slovakian firm that is especially specialized in remote detection of chemical agents and has originally designed detectors that can detect such agents up to 6 km with high precision.
General properties of detectors are listed below;

  • Detection of agents without any physical contact
  • Automatic detection mode
  • Long detection range up to 6000 meters
  • Quick detection less than 25 seconds
  • Maximum weight ( 28 kg)
  • Quick start up time
  • Expanded detection library
  • Advanced endurance
  • Active laser technology
  • Permanent control of interested areas
  • Small and compact size (using with battery power)


NANObiz is a local distributor of PROENGINE a worldwide known compant in CBRN detection. For detailed info about the products you can visit web site of PROENGIN or contact with us.