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“As NANObiz, our nanobiotechnology research focuses on
human-centred and environmentally-conscious, innovative products.”


SENSObiz® is a brand of biosensor systems developed by NANObiz. SENSObiz® test kits provide rapid and easy solutions via color change in the test region of the strip. At present, for the dairy sector Alkaline phosphatase test kit and the Peroxidase test kit are currently market leader in Turkey, to improve the range of products we continue to work on the development of different biosensors. SENSObiz® products are exported to Europe. SENSObiz® is preferred by European manufacturers due to their high quality and technology.

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NANOtakip Environment Tracking System

NANOtakip Environment Tracking Systems, are developed by NANObiz own technology for 24 hours on-line monitoring, recording and early warning.

NANOtakip brand contains;

  • NANOtakip Temperature-Humidity Tracking System
  • NANOtakip Water Monitoring System
  • NANOtakip Air Monitoring System
  • NANOtakip Environment Tracking System

immediately informs you on environment condition changes.

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“We introduce our children to future technologies”
We are currently pursuing our educational activities with this slogan under the brand name of SCIENCE STUDIO. We predicate our education policy base on STEM system which relies on the idea of educating students in four integrated disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) rather than teach the four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects. We believe in the importance of STEM education and support creative approaches in education.

In order to support our children and our young people to gain 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, productivity and accountability, we provide educational kits which allows them to;

  • practice the content of their learning,
  • discover new technologies,
  • understand better the relationship between events.

We are preparing educational kits with simple instructions that are easy to do at home and in the school environment. In booklet of our kits, we introduce the theoretical knowledge about the subject in an entertaining way and show the experiment in detail with pictures. With this approach, we aim to have our children to learn the subjects in an entertaining way without the need for consulting to any other source. We develop kit contents with our expert staff and academic advisors. We are preparing special programs for schools. We make both theoretical and practical applications in these programs, and we show that the science and technology are accessible and feasible. We are writing joint projects with educational institutions, helping the project software, and advising on projects. We build labs and workshops for educational institutions in today’s popular research areas such as genetic engineering, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

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DNA4U kit was developed by Nanobiz via national R & D studies and provides high performance DNA isolation. Nanobiz offers range of kits for different purposes;

  • Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation Kit
  • Bacteria Plasmid DNA Isolation Kit
  • Plant Genomic DNA Isolation Kit
  • DNA Isolation Kit for GMO Analysis
  • PZR Purification Kit
  • Agarose Jelden DNA Isolation Kit
  • Sports Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

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Laboratory Instruments

Agarose gel electrophoresis tank with waterproof polycarbonate body and platinum electrodes is 100% domestic product. The tank has a one-sided cover to prevent possible reverse run, and it is offered for sale with a gel tray (7 x 8 cm) and a gel comb kit.

We offer low cost and high performance electrophoresis power supply which is a good alternative compared to its expensive equivalents. Also, it is possible to operate two tanks in parallel with 4 different voltages (25V, 50V, 75V, 100V) at the same time.

A friendly and handy personal thermal cycler device designed and manufactured by our team.  The device can be operated by using either a smart (Android) phone or via a computer system.

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