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Cubecycler was tested in Netherlands

Two of our instruments, namely cubecycler – a thermal cycler – and a strip reader, designed and produced completely by our own resources were tested successfully in the field during an exercise in Utrecht, Netherlands on the 8th and 9th of March 2017.

OUR NEW BRAND “gene4kids”

With its new brand “gene4kids”, Nanobiz is bringing together the technology, that has been developed, and scientists of the future.


“Basic CBRN Training” was held on 18-29 September and 18-22 December 2017 with the aim of educating participants about the occupational chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risks. Participants was also informed in improving the use of the CBRN materials, and cleansing the CBRN substances in order to help them acquire the modes of action to be carried out at the scene.

Development of Biological Warfare Materials (BHM) Detection and Diagnosis Systems (BIOSENS) TKY Project Signature Ceremony

EGM Armored Tactical Vehicle-1 Agreement Technology Acquisition Obligation (TKY) was signed on March 23 between Undersecretariat of Defense Industry and Nurol Makina ve Sanayi A.S. within this scope NANOBIZ Technology Inc. and Nurol Makina ve Sanayi A.S. has started the “Biological Warfare Materials (BHM) Identification and Diagnosis Systems Development (BIOSENS) TKY Project” and signing ceremony was held at IDEF 2017 Fair. This project will be based on Biological detection systems (BIOSENS) that can be used in the detection and identification of biological warfare agents will be developed.

The detection and diagnosis systems of the Biological Warfare Materials (BHM) Identification and Diagnosis Systems (BISM) which is one of the critical titles in the CBRN field will be completed in 33 months with the cooperation of SMEs under the contractor’s responsibility. At the end of the project,  these diagnostic systems will be produced with national facilities. Also we will be able to form a manpower, infrastructure and certain knowledge on this area.