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“Our aim is to develop reliable and integrated molecular diagnostic test systems.”

Immunochemistry Based

To be among a select group of R&D companies in nanobiotechnology field not only in our country but also worldwide and proclaim the name of NANObiz in various technology platforms is our top priority. Our company has been carrying out research and product development activities immunochemistry-based test systems, one of the most widespread technique in the field of molecular diagnostics. Within the scope of our ongoing projects, development of conventional ELISA, micro-ELISA and lateral flow immunochromatographic test strips is being researched. We are also carrying out research and development activities on silica nanoparticle based lateral flow test systems, of which technology was developed by our company and protected by an international patent.

Nucleic Acid Based

Our company is carrying out research and product development activities on nucleic acid based test systems, which is one of the gold standards in the area of diagnostics. Nucleic acid amplification of hybridization based test systems for different sectors are being developed. Furthermore, we have experience with nucleic acid lateral flow test system technology development. In addition to test kits, instruments and integrated software for running the kits are being developed in our company in a simultaneous manner.


We have been carrying out R&D activities on applications of nano/macro sized nanoparticles in various sectors. Molecular diagnostics and decontamination is the focal point of our research.