Nanobiz was invited as a speaker to the RISE-2019 CBRNE-MPPM meeting, which was attended by CBRNp experts from Europe.

NANObiz participated in the “RISE’2019 CBRNE-MPPM, 9 th International Workshop on Measurement, Prevention, Protection and Management of CBRNE Risks” organized by the International CBRNE Institute in Brussels, Belgium. At the meeting, NANObiz founding partner and R & D Coordinator Prof.Dr. Hüseyin Avni Öktem gave a speech titled “Automated Nucleic Acid Based Bio-detection Module for UAV Platforms”. During the workshop, meetings were held with the European Universities, Institutes and the companies and their participation in H2020 projects was discussed. In addition, the principle agreement was made on the acceptance of Nanobiz as a member of the CBRNE Institute.

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Avni ÖKTEM with Yves DUBUCQ-Managing Director   of International CBRN Institute (01 April 2019, Belgium)