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“The unbelievable economic outcome that biotechnology will create when integrated with other technologies such as nanotechnology, electronics, software, and the high importance that developed countries have given to this issue over the last few years, determines the vision of NANObiz’s research and product development.”

Defense Industry Applications

Defense industry applications involve the development of national protection systems to be used against biological warfare materials within the scope of CBRN concept. With the improvement and production of such systems, we are eventually aiming to minimize the foreign dependency. NANObiz conducts research in several areas as biosensors, biological detection-diagnosis systems, and explosive detection in its full-scale laboratories at BSL II level in Teknokent. Our Laboratories operates with ISO 17025 Laboratory Accreditation as well as NATIONAL SECRET and NATO CONFIDENTIAL Qualified Facility Security Documents.


Food and Environmental Practices

There is a growing interest concerning the fight against the foodborne diseases. Nanobiz carries out product-oriented projects for the development of rapid diagnostic test strips and electronic systems for the detection and diagnosis of food pathogens.

By the year 2030, our country is predicted to suffer an acute water shortage which will require intensified efforts for its prevention. That’s why water pollution caused by local, industrial and agricultural activities is becoming a crucial problem. NANObiz focused on this problem and designed systems that monitor the quality of the water 24/7 and started to retail these products under the brand name NANOTAKIP®.

Medical Applications

In medical science, the applications of point-of-care testing kits are receiving great deal of attention as the importance of the patience focused practices increases. These innovative applications allow specific analysis to be performed at patient’s exact location and allows remote access on the web environment 24/7. NANObiz developed locally manufactured auto analyzers by using advanced technologies like microfluidic and DNA-chips. These technologies can be used for fast detection of pathogens which are portable and do not require laboratory infrastructure. Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (VRE) detection kit development completed within the scope of 1511 TUBITAK-TEYDEB project in 2017 and its sale studies continues under DNA4U® and PCR4U® kit group.