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“We provide one stop turnkey solutions and services for CBRNe and hazardous substances management.”

CBRNe Training

Our training solutions range from basic personal response to CBRNe events to CBRNe event scene command, including live agent training and are available for every field of CBRNe and environmental response. Contents and durations of our trainings can be adjusted according to the needs of our customers.

Training portfolio ranges from an indoor basic awareness training, usage of CBRNe equipment training, completely customized integrated systems training to live agent field training in the training facilities located in Chernobyl and Serbia. CBRNe trainings are given by specialised staff of internationally recognized HOTZONE SOLTUIONS, of which NANObiz is the only distributor in TURKEY. Training staff of HOTZONE SOLUTIONS is composed of individuals who have worked at OPWC and therefore have extensive field experience.

CBRNe Consultancy

CBRNe field requires extensive specialisation. Our consultancy services in this field include process analysis in CBRNe events and validation of CBRNe equipment and systems using live agents. We are working with HOTZONE SOLUTIONS on CBRNe consultancy